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    There is no Better Place

    Last updated 4 years ago

    The most important testimonial should come from a patient; thus, to quote my daughter, "Everyone here is so sweet and awesome! I can't believe a kid would say this, but I'm saying it, 'I love my dentist.'" As a parent of a child with anxiety, I'm telling you, there is no better place...Anywhere! Britt C.

    Summer is almost here. Send your child off to camp or vacation with a healthy smile and some oral health helpers.

    Last updated 4 years ago

    As the school year is rapidly coming to a close, many parents are busy planning their child’s summer activities. Whether it includes a family vacation, time spent at a weekend home, or sending your child off to summer camp or to their favorite relative, you should not neglect their pre-summer oral care. Often children will not be close to their trusted pediatric dentist during the summer months—therefore it is very important to have a pre-vacation oral health check-up and cleaning. The last thing any parent wants is to have to deal with their child’s painful oral condition in an unfamiliar location or to get a call from a camp counselor saying that their child is suffering from a toothache.

    In addition to visiting your pediatric dentist before vacation, you’ll want to send your child off with a complete oral health care kit. Below are some helpful suggestions on getting your child’s smile “summer-ready” and ensuring that they’ll keep up the good oral health work while away.

    Park View's Point of View

    At Park View Pediatric Dentistry, we are all about prevention, not only in our office, but in arming our young patients with the necessary education and tools to maintain their oral health at all times—even when away on vacation.

    We’ve outlined an important pre-vacation oral health checklist for you to follow:

    Pre-vacation pediatric dental visit.  If it is close to your child’s six-month pediatric dental visit, we encourage parents not to wait until after vacation or camp, but instead come in before to prevent any oral health emergencies while away.

    Oral Health Travel Kit. We always send our patients off after each check-up with our own Park View Pediatric Dentistry “Smile Kit.” This is especially important for you to create in situations, like preparing for summer camp, where you will not be there to physically monitor your child’s brushing and flossing. Providing them with their own special dental travel kit will reinforce the importance and positive aspect of maintaining oral care while away. Here is what we recommend:

                • Find a fun and colorful special case that is specifically dedicated for their oral care “tools”.

                • Include a new toothbrush with a fun cover (many to choose from), toothpaste, floss or flossing sticks and a travel mouthwash.

                • A small toothbrush timer is also wise to include, ensuring that they will not skimp on brushing time.

                • An encouraging prize or stickers is also great to include to thank them in advance for taking such good care of their smiles.

    A Fitted Mouth Guard.  This is a must to include for vacations, especially for camp when lots of physical activities will be taking place. We cannot stress enough the importance of mouth guards. We want all of our patients to play it safe this summer and not experience any dental emergencies. Please see last month’s blog story for more information on mouth guards.

    Be Prepared.  Just in case an inevitable emergency should occur, it is always recommended to brush up on possible dental emergencies and necessary actions. Though it is most likely you will not need them, you may also want to do a little pre-research on pediatric doctors and dentists in a vacation area, just to have on hand.


    Let’s make the summer of 2014 a safe and happy one for all!

    You can contact us at:
    Park View Pediatric Dentistry


    Play it safe! Mouth guards can make all the difference.

    Last updated 4 years ago

    How many times has an accident happened and you wished you could have taken back those precious minutes before or have thought about more preventative measures you could have taken? We want to enjoy cheering our children on during team sports and experience their laughter during playground fun. However, increased activity also means greater odds of injury. Every April, as spring traditionally brings on more dental traumas, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has joined forces with the American Dental Association, the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and the Academy for Sports Dentistry in supporting National Facial Protection Month. This is a time when these organizations unite to emphasize the importance of wearing protective face gear for sports that could result in facial or dental injuries. Many of these various awareness promotions emphasize the use of mouth guards. According to Dr. Eric T. Geist, president of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, every year about 3 million people are treated in emergency rooms across the United States for facial trauma injuries. These include dental emergencies, such as fractured or knocked out teeth and serious injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth.

    Park View's Point of View

    At Park View Pediatric Dentistry, we are all about prevention—not only for tooth decay and gum disease, but also for teeth and mouth accidents. While today’s parents religiously enforce the use of helmets for sports and cycling, we need to place equal importance on the use of mouth guards.

    This simple and inexpensive device is worn over the upper teeth during sports. Its cushioning capabilities can help prevent:

    —   Injuries to the lip, tongue, soft tissues of mouth

    —   Chipped or broken teeth

    —   Tooth loss

    —    Nerve damage   

    There are three types of mouth guards available on the market or from your dentist.

    Stock mouth guards are sold in sporting good stores. Though these are better than nothing at all, they are bulky and you cannot adjust their fit. Some children find talking and breathing more difficult with this choice.

    Boil and bite mouth guards can also be bought at sporting good stores or at some dental offices. We carry these at Park View Pediatric Dentistry and have gotten very good reviews from our patients and parents. They are made of a thermoplastic material and are placed in hot water to soften. They are then shaped around the teeth and form a mold that is customized for you child’s mouth, making it easier to talk and breath. Children find this inexpensive, customizable option very comfortable and easy to use.

    Custom-fitted mouth guards are made in a lab or a dental office. These are made after taking an impression of the child’s teeth. The mouth guard is then made from special a material that is molded over this impression. The extra time and materials used to make this mouth guard makes it the most expensive option. We cannot stress enough the importance of mouth guards. We want all of our patients to play it safe this spring and not experience any dental emergencies. Come see us today if your child still does not have a mouth guard and is participating in sports activities. 

    You can contact us at:
    Park View Pediatric Dentistry

    We are celebrating our dedicated all-women staff during National Women's History Month.

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Thanks to a courageous organization called National Women’s History Project ( each March is designated as National Women’s History Month. Their passionate lobbying in Sonoma County in 1987 led to Congress declaring the third month of each year as  a special month to honor women and their accomplishments. The goal is to ensure that the history of American women will not go unnoticed in our schools, workplaces and communities – providing information and educational materials upon request. This year the organization’s theme is “Women of Character, Courage & Commitment.” Though they honor countless historical women figures throughout the years, like Clara Barton – founder of the American Red Cross, the late Coretta Scott King – civil rights activist and wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, and Gloria Steinem – women’s rights activist and writer, they also “recognize the achievements of all women in all facets of life.” They also encourage women, particularly multi-cultural women, who have often gone overlooked, to learn of their own historical roots and background, as a support to their individual power and dreams.

    Park View's Point of View

    At Park View Pediatric Dentistry, we do not have to look far to find dedicated, hard-working women. Though they all have a variety of ethnicities and histories, their common goal is to support our philosophy of providing “dental care with a little extra care.” We are often asked why we choose to have an all-women staff. Though we whole-heartedly respect our male counterparts in the dental field, we find that in pediatric dentistry, young children feel an instinctual comfort level with female dentists, hygienists and assistants. Many of the women who work here, including our welcoming office management, are moms themselves – and what could be more comforting than being greeted by a caring mom. There is also a practical aspect to it as well. Women’s hands are smaller than men’s, allowing easier access into those little mouths. Since our goal is to perform all procedures as quickly as possible, ensuring very little discomfort, this is especially valuable.

    We also take this time to honor Dr. Deborah Pilla, who has been making children’s smiles brighter since 1985 when she pioneered one of New York City’s

    first dental practices, exclusively dedicated to children. Since then she continues to provide one of the most colorful, child-friendly environments, state-of-the-art technology and the most sedation options available.

    As a respected member of the Medical Advisory Board of the Little Baby Face Foundation, recently featured on NBC’s Dateline, Dr. Pilla volunteers her time to consult, coordinate and perform reconstructive surgeries for children with congenital facial birth defects. In 2010 she was celebrated as the organization’s Honoree and was awarded the prestigious Telly Award for her leading role in their documentary, highlighting some heartwarming case studies.

    Last month, Dr. Pilla partnered with her college alumni, Hobart William Smith and student Kathryn Pawlak to spread her "dental care with a little extra care" to children around the world. They just returned from their first dental mission, hosted by Foundation 3K, in Ojo de Agua, Dominican Republic to teach healthy oral habits to children.

    This March, National Women’s History Month, Dr. Pilla wishes to acknowledge her entire all-women staff for their commitment, dedication and their demonstration of what a positive role model is for every child who walks into Park View Pediatric Dentistry.

    You can contact us at:

    Park View Pediatric Dentistry

    Pediatric Dentists—Oral Health Customized for Kids

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Many of us who grew up in the 60’s, 70’s and even early 80’s did not have the advantage of visiting a dentist, specifically trained and specializing in Pediatric Dentistry. We would visit our parent’s family dentist, and be treated in big adult dental chairs—many times not even offered a booster seat. There were no brightly colored walls, games or goody bags. The only source of entertainment was a couple of dog-eared copies of Highlights for Children magazine. Needless to say, many of us did not have very positive first experiences with dental visits or oral health.

    Much has changed today with most major dental schools offering specialty areas in Pediatric Dentistry—similar to Pediatrics in General Medicine. Many families all over the United States realize the benefits and importance of seeking out a specialized Pediatric Dentist.

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), a membership organization representing this specialty area has over 8,800 members, who work in private offices, clinics and hospital settings all over the country. On their website homepage they state that they are advocates for children’s oral health, and promote evidence-based policies and clinical guidelines. They educate and inform policymakers, parents and guardians, and other health care professionals. In addition, they foster research and provide continuing professional education for pediatric dentists.

    Park View's Point of View

    Our founder, Dr. Deborah Pilla is a distinguished member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, along with the American Dental Association, American Association of Women Dentists and the New York Society of Dentistry for Children. She has been making children’s smiles brighter since 1985, when she pioneered one of New York City’s first dental practices, exclusively dedicated to children. She also employs a top-notch staff of all-female dentists, hygienist and dental assistants. “Children, especially the very young ones, just feel more comfortable with female dentists. Our hands our also a lot smaller, making working in those little mouths a bit easier”, says Dr. Pilla.

    She also believes that tailoring an environment and treatment procedures specifically toward children, from infancy through young adulthood, creates a strong positive foundation for a lifetime of excellent oral health.

    Here are some additional ways that Park View Pediatric Dentistry provides children with “dental care with a little extra care.”

    —   Colorful subway-themed office with an activity filled waiting room that includes games and iPads—plus a calming view of Central Park in the major treatment rooms.

    —   Provides fluoride and sealant treatments to actually prevent tooth decay.

    —   Offers oral education to children and parents in-office, and off-premises at neighboring schools and events.

    —   Uses the latest state-of-the-art digital x-rays to reduce the level of radiation and provide a more accurate diagnosis.

    —   Offers various sedation options, both in the comfort of our office and at nearby LIJ/Lenox Hill Hospital for more complex cases.

    —   Cartoon/TV viewing right from the dental chair for a more relaxed, entertainment-filled experience.
    —   Gives children goodie bags, special seasonal give-aways, fun stickers, sugar-free ice pops and more!

    —   Plus, conducts raffles throughout the year to encourage maintaining the six- month visit schedule.

    Here’s to your child’s oral health!

    Contact us at:
    Park View Pediatric Dentistry

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