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Maintaining oral health is a natural with some additional, homemade recipes and tips to add to your routine.

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With the official start of summer last week, many families have planted gardens—either at weekend houses, on city terraces or in everyday backyards. Whether planting your own herbal or vegetable garden, or taking advantage of the many weekly farmer’s market selections, many of these herbs and veggies can be used to help aid in a variety of special oral health treatments or maintenance. In fact, many of these ingredients may be right in your own kitchen cabinet or refrigerator. This is especially helpful to know while traveling or visiting, when you may run out of the travel-size supplies from your oral health kit.

Park View's Point of View

At Park View Pediatric Dentistry, we want you to maintain your child’s daily oral health routine, as recommended by your pediatric dentist. This should include daily brushing and flossing and visits to your pediatric dentist twice a year. However, a special herbal or crunchy veggie treat for the mouth or teeth can be a very nice addition. This is especially true for a quick-fix for halitosis or bad breath.

Here are some of our favorite natural tips to add a little boost to your child’s oral health routine.

Garden-Fresh Herbal Mouthwash— Coarsely chop fresh peppermint, rosemary and lavender or sage. Take one generous teaspoon of this mixture and steep in a cup of boiling water for fifteen minutes. Strain herbs and cool. Use as a refreshing herbal mouthwash.

Fresh Breath Chew—Chewing on raw mint or parsley leaves is another great way to help relieve bad breath, especially after that summer guacamole dip!  Fresh parsley is the best option, since it is high in cholorphyll, which is known to kill bacteria. Parsley was originally served on the plate as more than just a garnish— it can actually be used after meals as a breath freshener!

Crunch and Clean— Crunchy vegetables like peppers, celery and carrots, plus crisp fruits like raw pears and apples have natural abrasive qualities. This means that they will actually remove strains from tooth enamel and give your child’s teeth a little polish, without harming or eroding the enamel of the tooth. Not to mention their nutritious qualities, as well. They also help the mouth to produce saliva, which is important because saliva helps protect teeth from cavity-causing bacteria. Saliva also contains compounds called surfactants as well as enzymes that give it detergent properties, which means the more saliva in your mouth, the fewer stains on your teeth.

Let’s make the summer of 2014 a naturally great one!

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