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Dental Visits —Why Twice a Year?

Last updated 4 years ago

During the month of October, we are celebrating National Dental Hygiene Month with discussing and reviewing many aspects of setting the foundation for excellent oral health. As parents, juggling busy school schedules, after school activities, sports, lessons and family time, it is often hard to schedule those all-important dental visits even just once a year, let alone twice. Many parents often question the need for that second visit. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry not only recommends, but continually stresses the importance of visiting your dentist twice a year, as an essential factor in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Park View's Point of View

At Park View Pediatric Dentistry, we are in complete agreement with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and encourage our parents to schedule their next six-month exam right in our office, upon completion of their visit. We also are very conscientious when it comes to reviewing our patient’s last visit and following up with reminders if it has been over six months since we have seen them. Special cases may even require more than a six-month follow up.

Here are some important reasons why you should bring your child to the dentist every six months:

Diagnosing Tooth Decay at An Early Stage— A new cavity can actually form within a six month time period. Like any other problem, the longer it goes unattended, the worse it can get. Early cavities can even be reversed (healed) with certain types of treatments, such as a special fluoride application or sealant. The goal is to always make sure your child has excellent oral health and a cavity-free visit. However, should tooth decay occur, minor problems are a lot quicker and less stressful to fix.

Early Diagnosis of Gum Disease or Oral Infections—Gum disease does not just happen to elderly folks. Poor oral habits or improper nourishment can also affect children’s gums. Children who suffer from other illnesses may also be prone to gum disease and we need to monitor that on a regular basis. As with early detection of tooth decay, the same applies to the gums. Why not nip a problem in the bud at the earliest possible stage, before it become a much worse condition?

Maintaining Clean Teeth—Though many parents are diligent in maintaining a morning/evening brushing schedule with their children, many admit that having their children floss daily is a bit more difficult, especially if the child is too young to floss on their own. (See last week’s story on flossing.) Therefore, having a professional cleaning twice a year is all-important. It makes children feel good about themselves and they love showing off their precious, pearly white smiles!

Monitoring Growing Teeth—With children’s teeth and jaws growing at a rapid pace, we find that monitoring progress twice a year is the best for dealing with protruding teeth, crowding and determining the need for Orthodontics.

Reinforcing Oral Education—As adults, we often need reminders on the proper ways to brush and floss. Coming in twice a year is a great way to keep up your child’s oral health skills, as well as your own.

We enjoy seeing you—At Park View Pediatric Dentistry, our patients are like family and we pride ourselves in offering “dental care with a little extra care.” We enjoy keeping up with your children’s yearly activities and have watched our patients grow from infancy through young adulthood. A year is just too long to wait to see you!

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